Genesee Ave LA Garage Conversion

Genesee Ave, LA Garage Conversion

On Genesee Avenue in LA, we created a stunning one bedroom garage conversion covering a total 500 sq ft area and offering a clean and bright aesthetic with a minimalist touch.

Walk through the property across its smooth concrete floor and you’ll find fully equipped kitchen facilities complete with timber & chrome fittings, cooker hood and custom kitchen cabinets.

Nearby you’ll encounter the wall-to-floor glass door shower room , along with a uniquely styled bedroom with space-saving sliding wood barn doors to complete what is a delightful place for anyone to reside.

If you’re considering buying a home that needs remodeling, a garage conversion can be an excellent way to add living space to your property. Genesee Ave LA Garage Conversion is one example of how a garage can be converted into a comfortable living space. This type of project can be complex and requires the expertise of professionals. If you’re looking to sell your home to fund your remodeling project, can help. They specialize in buying homes in Concord, CA, and can make the selling process quick and easy, so you can get the cash you need to hire the best contractors for your project. Check out their website for more information: