About the Business


CA Dwellings was established in 1999 with a vision to create luxury dwellings and elevate existing structures. Their wide range of services extend from major remodeling to additional dwelling units, garage conversions, demolition, and building homes from the ground up. Over time they have emerged as a leader in the industry due to their ability to skillfully construct structures and maintain excellent relationships with clients. What sets CA Dwellings apart is the quality of their work and superior customer service. They use only the finest materials available and make custom selections. By operating with an in-house team, they maintain full control over the quality and consistency of their work. CA Dwellings is the right company for anyone looking for service that is a step above the average. They pride themselves in working with upscale clients who desire high-end work with modern finishes. Professionalism is a standard for their team who make it a habit to maintain cleanliness, project budgets, and timelines. At CA Dwellings stands by their work and satisfaction is guaranteed. They are committed to helping you customize your property in a way that is cost-effective and meets your project needs.

Meet the Owners

 CEO Tal and President David came together in partnership to create CA Dwellings with a shared passion for creating beautiful spaces. They were driven by the idea of producing something special where it may not have otherwise existed. It was with this sense of enthusiasm that they were able to build their business up over time. The value they place on customer relationships allowed them to make a name for themselves throughout the greater Los Angeles area from word of mouth early on. Since their start they have enjoyed continued success, allowing their work to speak for itself. Tal and David are industry elites who are well respected in the business. Working with CA Dwellings customers not only get stunning structures but also, an amazing experience and great relationship with a talented team. They go above and beyond to ensure that each client is happy with the service they receive.